Estate Management




The programme is aimed at providing adequate understanding and skills for the management of the whole physical environment including the economic, financial, constructional, legal, social and political aspects as well as examining the techniques both quantitative and qualitative tools used in the practice of Estate Management.


At the end of the ND programme in Estate Management, the diploma recipients should be able to exhibit adequate knowledge, skills and technical know-how in the use, development and management of land on the following:

  • Undertake the preparation, keeping and updating of land records
  • Examine, produce and interpret building plans
  • Inspect, survey and report on land and building for development and management purposes

At the end of the HND programme, the recipients of the diploma should be able to:

  • Take measurement of land and buildings
  • Carry out market surveys and other enquiries on properties
  • Collect, compile and compute data for valuation purposes
  • Survey, inspect and report on locational and structural condition for properties for management, repairs and valuation purposes
  • Inspect state lands and make regular reports
  • Manage properties for landlords in relation to selection of tenants, service and notices to quit premises, renewal of lease and maintenance of buildings, etc.
  • Examine building plans
  • Assist on the implementation of policies regarding allocation and administration of land resources
  • Assist in the processing of application for right of occupancy and subsequent transactions
  • Assist in the registration of title document
  • Assist with the public government notices to compulsorily acquire rights of occupancy
  • Carryout routine supervision and occupation of government land and collection of rent and license fees
  • Assist in keeping Estate accounts for clients

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