Office Tech. & Management

ND & Part-Time Studies



A Welcome Message from Head of Department

On behalf of Office Technology and Management staff I welcome you to the department. The Office Technology and Management staff is dedicated to quality education and research. Our students and our graduates are highly proficient in using computer in a modern way to solve problems and also upgrade the efficiency of computer usage in our community and in the world at large.

The programme for the award of National Diploma in office Technology and Management in the Polytechnic is designed;
  1. To equip the students with specific skills that will enable them to successfully hold positions as secretaries in both private and public sector of the Nigerian Economy.
  2. To expose student s to industrial experience there affording them an opportunity to practicalize their training.
  3. To develop in them an occupational intelligence that will make them versatile and adaptable to the changing situation in the business world.
  4. To develop their potential further in academic and professional pursuits.
Specific Objective;
  1. At the end of National Diploma course, the diplomats should be able to write in shorthand two passages on varied matter at an average of 3 minutes each and with 1-4 syllabic intensity dictated at 100 words per minute and transcribe on the typewriter with 95% accuracy
  2. Typewrite for ten minutes at 50 words per minute a passage (not below 1-4 syllabic intensity with 95% accuracy
  3. Typewrite a group of given jobs, which will include manuscripts, letters tabulation and other display work within a given period of not more than 2-5 hours in mailable form
  4. Make administrative decisions deal with correspondence, relate to people politely, supervise subordinate staff and perform other routine functions with a minimum of supervision,
  5. Operate a good filling system and keep simple financial records.
  6. Operate and take good care of office machines and equipment
Entry Requirement:
GCE or SSEC with five (5 credit including English Language. English Literature and oral English are NOT acceptable as a substitute for English Language or Grade II Teacher s  Certificate with four (4) credits including English Language


We are pleased to announce to the public that the application form for 2024/2025 academic session is now on sale.

Students with at least 5 credit units in their O-level result are eligible to apply.