Petroleum Engineering

National Diploma


Wilkie Oris Segun

Head of Department

A Welcome Message from Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Mineral and Petroleum Resources Engineering

We are committed to training tomorrow’s work force in the mineral, petroleum and natural gas industry, developing technicians and technologist to play an active role in the global energy environment. Our core mandate is to develop skillful manpower with requisite skill to harness the solid mineral resources, petroleum and natural gas resources, and to create skillful personnel needed in the construction and ground water exploration. Our mission is to provide a high-quality educational experience that prepares each technicians and technologist to work in the mineral and petroleum industry or to pursue an advanced program in mining engineering, petroleum engineering or material and metallurgical engineering.

Nigeria has been described as the giant of Africa, the enormous mineral wealth is one of the reasons Nigeria has been so described, for the country to unleash its potential the department is well positioned to produce technicians and technologist with the ability to perform geological operation of prospecting and exploration for minerals, hydrocarbons and water. 

Their skill will also be developed in the act and practices of Mining, Mineral processing, Drilling operations, Quarry operation, Petroleum and Natural gas production and processing operation.

Enshrined with the normal course work prescribed be the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), practical are regularly carried out in the following areas; Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Mineral Processing and Geological Engineering. The department has developed relationship with the industry via the Society Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Benin Section 116, that has afford interaction between the department and industry, this has resulted in regular visit to the drilling and production facilities of multinational oil companies, our student regularly feature on conferences, exhibition and symposium organized the Society Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

These are exciting times to generate innovative engineering solutions that can assist the dual challenge of delivering reliable, low-cost energy with lower carbon emissions.  We welcome students to join our program and learn the technical and engineering skills necessary for the planning and responsible extraction of crude oil and natural gas used in transportation, heating, electricity generation, and raw material for making the chemicals, plastics, and synthetic materials that are present in nearly everything we use.

While striving to teach a balanced curriculum, the department of Mineral and Petroleum Resources Engineering is committed to discovery of new concepts and technologies in the areas of mining, mineral processing, drilling and production.

Wilkie, S. O.

Head of Department


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