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  • This page is created for students interaction on matters that may require response, Messages, complain, inquiry or points for discussion. All messages sent on this page are subject to the approval of Edo Poly before they appear on this page. Thanks.


  1. chidi victory ebuka

    when is the clearance starting

    1. EdoPolyICT

      you request for clearance after you have paid all your fees except school fee, when your clearance is processed, then you pay school fee

      1. Shola

        Please is it possible formeto write test when I have not pay my fees

        1. edopoly

          Thanks for contacting us, all students are advised to make their school fees payment before the commencement of the test

  2. OLOWOYO abayomi

    When will screening started?

    1. edopoly

      Thanks for contacting us, the next screening comes up on 17th of October, 2019 by 9am. CLICK HERE FOR SCREENING REQUIREMENT

      1. David Ajayi

        When is the semester going to start for 2019/2020

        1. edopoly

          Thanks for contacting us, the Academic session started on Friday 13th Sept., 2019 for new students. Returning students are to resume on Friday 11th Oct., 2019. You may CLICK HERE to download the proposed Acdemic calendar for 2019/2020 academic session, the link also contain other useful materials. You may reach us for further inquiry or question, we are always available to assist.

  3. Magnus

    I am an old student, the esitm website was the address that was accessible to me.

    I can’t access the student Id of this new portal. Pls help me

    1. edopoly

      Thank you for contacting us, please CLICK HERE to initialize your account in the new portal, your login details would be sent to the email you are going to provide.

  4. Emonena precious

    When will the sales of form end?

    1. edopoly

      Thanks for contacting us, the sales of Admission form is open to interested Applicants for now, the date of closure has not yet been determined, the date would be communicated to the public when it is chosen, but the earlier, the better. Thanks.

  5. Samuel

    If I didn’t sit for this year jamb can I be admitted to study banking and FINANCE??

    1. edopoly

      Thanks for contacting Us, Please refer to your E-mail address, We sent to you an E-Mail message to provide you with guideline on how to go about your Admission process.

  6. Adebowale Ganiyu

    How do i check admission status online and how to pay for the admission checking fees?

    1. edopoly

      Thanks for contacting us, to check your admission status CLICK HERE and use the login details that were sent to your mail during registration to login, after you login, scroll down the page and click on ADD ONLINE PAYMENT TICKET to check your Admission status.
      After checking your Admission status, you will need to wait for some hours for Admin to set your record to Student so that you can pay for Acceptance. In case of any difficulty, kindly reach us through this platform, you may also send us your phone number for directive.

      1. Adebowale Ganiyu

        Thank you very much for your quick response. under the PAYMENT TICKET, there was no place to ADD ticket.
        Thanks ones again.

        1. edopoly

          Thanks for contacting us again, Please, contact 07064960330. You may also send your admission details and your phone number to us at

  7. larami

    I need breakdown of school fees for returning students (ND2 and HND2)

    1. edopoly

      Thanks for contacting us, kindly CLICK HERE to download the school fees breakdown, you may also download other useful materials through the link.

  8. Samuel Rebirth

    My brother come for screening last month have not been giving the link to checking his admission, please is there anywhere the administrators can help

    1. edopoly

      Thanks for contacting us, The admission of all successfully screened applicants are being processed. Please supply us with your Applicant details and an active phone number to enable us help you further.

  9. Araoye Olamide Michael

    Please I just applied for HND form today hope admission still sure for me?

    1. edopoly

      Thanks for contacting us, Your admission would be processed as soon as you come for screening, kindly come to ICT department on thursday 1st of November, 2019 with relevant document. please, click here for admission requirement

  10. Ehis Excellent

    Good Afternoon ,
    I was trying to make my online clearance, of which after I saved the required information and then I uploaded and requested for clearance. when I printed the clearance slip, I noticed that the scanned documents didn’t appear whereas I saved them before uploading. so what should I do next?

    1. edopoly

      Thanks for contacting us, Kindly come to ICT Department or supply us with your student ID and phone number. You may also reach us through 08136626864.

  11. Sholltex

    Please someone that has not paid any money except acceptance can he go for his/her clearance

    1. edopoly

      Yes, you can proceed to request for clearance, Thanks for contacting us

  12. Captain

    I Came for screening since September and yet I have not been admitted. Please what is going on? Thanks.

    1. MD

      Send me your full name. 07064960330, thanks

  13. Adebowale Ganiyu

    Good afternoon, after payment of Admission status, pls what is the next step?

    1. edopoly

      Proceed to make Acceptance Fee payment, in case of any difficulty, contact us on 08136626864. Thanks for contacting us

  14. Solar man

    How do I know if I have been cleared

    1. edopoly

      It will appear in your dashboard that you have been cleared, you will see “cleared” close to your student ID in the top right corner of your dashboard. however, if you have requested for clearance but not yet cleared, please, contact 08136626864 to lay your complain. Thanks for contacting us.

  15. Kennedy

    Hello sir, Good day. I didn’t seat for the edo state post utme but just this evening i received an sms that i have been offered admission with a link to check it out or to visit the school ICT centre. I have checked the school webpage but can’t find anywhere to check if the admission is real and i can’t easily come to school now because i leave in delta so i wanted to know if i can comfirm it here before coming,Thanks.

  16. Kennedy

    Hello sir. Please i did not seat for the edo poly post utme but i got a text message notifying me that i have been admitted to edo sate poly with a link to the school website to view my admmision or to visit the school ICT. Please i want to if the admission is real before coming because i reside in delta state.

    1. edopoly

      Thanks for contacting us, The Admission is very real, Please, Visit the ICT Department of Edo Poly for clarity or reach the deputy director of ICT through 07064960330 for inquiry.

      1. Joseph ogbada thank God

        How can I pay my fees online through my mobile phone.

        1. edopoly

          Thanks for contacting us, please,CLICK HERE to make your payments, your student login details are required to access your portal.

  17. Emmanuel Chidume

    How much is the acceptance fees and tuition fees

    1. edopoly

      Please CLICK HERE to view the breakdown of school fees or CLICK HERE to download as PDF

  18. Igbinakenzua O Jude

    How can i pay for my acceptance fee

    1. edopoly

      Click here, use your student ID and password to access your portal and make necessary payment. You may call us through 08136626864 for inquiry. Thanks for contacting us

  19. Esther

    Pls i would likn to apply. When is the next screening and how will i go about it

    1. edopoly

      CLICK HERE to apply for admission, You may also call 08136626864 for further inquiry. Thanks

  20. Osaro Ese

    Good afternoon
    Please how can I check if I have been given admission?

    1. edopoly

      CLICK HERE to access the login page, use your login details to access your student panel, then you will be able to check your Admission status. For further inquiry, Please, contact 08136626864

  21. Igemokha Elizabeth

    good morning sir, pls i came for screening on the 28th and i can’t check admission status.

    1. edopoly

      Thanks for contacting us, you will receive a call from us soon to give you guideline, in case of any inquiry, try to reach us through 08136626864 or 07064960330

  22. €-ben

    Good morning sir… I applies for the utme without change of institution, and I didn’t include edopoly on my jamb preferred choice… Can I still proceed with my registration or will it affect my admission and is there any WhatsApp group for the aspirant….

    1. edopoly

      Thanks for contacting us, The changing of institution in JAMB portal is still on, you can still change your preferred institution to Edo Poly, meanwhile, you may proceed with Edo Poly Admission application. for further inquiry, please, contact 08136626864

    2. €-ben

      Okay thanks… Any WhatsApp group for the aspirant?

      1. edopoly

        There is no WhatsApp group of such that is created by the school, However, you can get direct information from us via this media or call 08136626864. Thanks for contacting us again.

  23. Adeyemo Adewumi

    Good evening sir. I just want to know, are you doing ND weekend program and yes, on what courses? Is form still available? Best regards. Thank you!

    1. edopoly

      Edo Poly offers interested Applicants Admission into school of part time studies. Please, visit this LINK to view available courses. Thanks for contacting us.

      1. Martins

        Bro can I have your number please

        1. edopoly

          08136626864, You may also send us mail through Thanks for contacting us

      2. Shola

        Since yesterday they Portois under maintenance and sir can someone who has not paid for tution join them for matriculation

        1. edopoly

          The student portal was under maintenance to ensure proper transactions with students, but the portal is back for your use now. thanks for contacting us

  24. oluwafemi

    sir can I have your phone number so I can call you

    1. edopoly

      You may reach us through the following mobile contact: 08136626864 or 07064960330. Thanks for contacting us.

    2. Rebirth

      Please Sir, I need the link to edo poly part-time portar and the breakdown of there school fees.

      1. edopoly

        Thanks for contacting us,part time and full time students share the same portal, but different with different registration numbers, CLICK HERE to access the portal, SEE BREAKDOWN OF SCHOOL FEE

      2. adeshina bolaji

        Good day sir. I did jamb this year and I want to confirm if my score is okay for computer science. 163. And can I begin with the registration form and do change of institution later because I didn’t choose Edo poly in my registration. And I want to know the deadline for ND full form.

        1. MD

          yes is OK , you can register and do your change of institution. thanks

  25. Shola

    I want to pay for my tution is telling me that amount could not be determine

    1. edopoly

      Please, login to your student portal and request for an online clearance before you create Tuition/Exam payment ticket. Thanks for contacting us.

    2. Osawaru samuel

      Gud morning pls I want to know if usen form is out

      1. edopoly

        The application form for 2019/2020 academic session is closed, we hope to commence 2020/2021 session by August 2020. Thanks for contacting us.

        1. Amen

          Sir, Pls does Edo poly Usen, Accept second course in Jamb, or first Course give you higher chance of getting Admission

          1. MD

            We accept second choice, but choose Edo Poly as first choice will give you higher chance of admission

        2. John

          Please there is no place on my dash boarding showing payment of acceptance fee how i only see clearance how will i pay it online ?

  26. Dike

    Sir please I want to differed my admission how can I do that .Thank you

    1. edopoly

      You only need to leave the admission unaccepted. Thanks for contacting us.

  27. Laura

    Pls what is the cost of accommodation

    1. edopoly

      Hostel accommodation within the institution costs 14,500 Naira Only. Thanks for contacting us

  28. John

    Pls when will they start the screening ?

    1. MD

      15th september 2020, venue: edopoly complex

  29. Onochie Juliet Ifechukwude

    Sir please I’m having a problem… My sister misplaced the sim card I used in registering for jamb and we were unable to retrieve it due to some things.. now I’m having problems doing my change of institution and course to Edo state polytechnic due to the lost sim. And I’ve bought the form and uploaded my waec.. please sir will I still gain admission to Edo state polytechnic?. I’m confused

    1. MD

      without the sim you can’t do change of institution, so go and retrieve your sim and do it before is too late, but i will process your admission, just make sure you get your sim

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