Schools – School of Applied Sciences

Dr. Edo Monday Taiwo

Dean of Applied Sciences

On behalf of the board and members of staff of the school of applied sciences, I welcome you to this great institution. The school was created in 2010 from the school of Engineering. The aim of the school is to train students in various disciplines of learning and skills acquisition so that they can become self employed and equally fit into industry, academia and government. The school currently runs national diploma (ND) and higher national diploma (HND).

Our Department
Computer Science

The objective of the programme is to:
* Solve simple hardware problems
* Use various programming languages
* Know the Operation of Computer systems
* Use Computer packages
* Maintain hardware
* Install and manage a Computer system.
* Design and run efficient programmes in a wide spectrum of fields, and in various languages.
* Advise on the installation and management of Computer facilities.
* Detect technical faults in a Computer installation.
* Carry out routine (preventive) maintenance of Computer facilities.

Pharmaceutical Technology.

is designed to produce Pharmaceutical Technicians and Technologists who can assist and take part in the production processes in Pharmaceutical and allied products manufactured and as well as assist in carrying out identification and quality tests on such products.

Agricultural Technology
Food Science Technology.

Assist in the chemical and biological analysis of raw and processed food
* Store agricultural produce for industrial use
* Assist in all types of industrial food processing and packaging and
* Market all types of processed and preserved food chemicals and equipments.

Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) 

*Assist in chemical analysis and quality control in the industry (food,

brewing detergent textiles etc) Hospital, Schools ,Colleges and Research
*Assist in Physics and Electronic laboratories with physical analysis and
maintenance of Instrumentation
* Assist in biological and biochemical analysis and experiments in
Hospitals, Schools, Colleges and Research Institutes
*Prepare Students for employment in related work such as Sales,
Marketing, Administration and Management in the industries.



Equips Students to have a broad knowledge of Data collection,   collation and how to analyze data.

Our Head of Department

Mrs. Iyamu Iziegbe

HOD Computer Science

Mr. Edobor Ekugum

HOD Pharm. Tech.


HOD Science Lab. Tech.

Mr. Izomo E. Julius

HOD Statistics

Ayere Friday

HOD Agric Tech.

Ayere Friday

HOD Agric Tech.